How to Pick Out a Yoga Mat

How To Pick A Yoga Mat

The world of yoga mats can be equally confusing to newbies and master yogis alike. Endless colours, designs, patterns, size, and trinkets are offered. We believe that when you’re picking out a new mat, you’re investing in your health and happiness through yoga. Naked Truth Yoga wants you to make the right choice and be

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The Story Behind Naked Truth Yoga


We’re often asked about our path to opening Naked Truth Yoga. The truth is that it was a long journey of continuous learning to bring you the best – and we’re still on that path today, constantly learning and evolving our style to meet your needs. We had to take many different training classes and

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The Evolution Of Yoga


Ever Wondered About the Evolution of Yoga? We have! So we thought it would be fun thing to share with you. Starting off with Adiyogi, the very first Yogi believed humans should reach for, and become something more. Read our infographic about the evolution of yoga, and follow Shiva on the path to enlightenment! We

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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners: You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere! Are you just starting out with Yoga? Learn how to pose for success! We found this infographic super helpful. What is your yoga style? Do you know what the different yoga styles are? We also explain the benefits of yoga. Did you know that after just 12 weeks,

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