Becoming a Yoga Teacher – The Truths!


Helpful Truths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga Instructor is certainly an accomplishment that you can be proud of. With your Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program complete, you may feel it is time to venture out into the community and share your teachings. While starting anything new is exciting, moving into uncharted territory can be stressful and at times discouraging. To help keep a positive mindset through this transitional period, here are some truths that will help prepare you for what you will encounter as a yoga instructor.


Irregular Schedules

As a yoga instructor, you will likely find that you do not keep a regular weekly schedule like most people. This is because, especially when you’re starting out, you will need to have a flexible schedule so you can get every possible teaching job you can find. While this will help you gain exposure and popularity as a teacher, it may also wear you out. Keeping this in mind it is important that you do your best to plan ahead and take advantage of your time spent out of the classroom.


Difficulty Breaking Into the Market

Patience is a quality you will likely encourage your students to embrace, but you should remember to apply that teaching to your own experience as well. With yoga becoming more and more popular, particularly in large urban communities like Vancouver, there is no shortage of teachers willing to share their skills with the public. While this can be discouraging at first, it is important to remain dedicated and positive in order to attract people to your brand of teaching.


You Are in Business for Yourself

Many successful yoga instructors realize early on that in order to be successful as teachers, they need to embrace a business-like mindset. While it may seem difficult to combine the world of business with yoga teachings, it is an essential part of establishing yourself as a popular and effective yoga teacher within the community. Considering such questions like, how you would market your classes, how you will get students to your class, and how you will keep them coming back can help you start to think this way.


Private Sessions Pay Bills

If you became a yoga instructor for the paycheck, you are probably going to be disappointed when you first start out. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pay the rent. A good place to earn money, especially while you have yet to establish yourself as a popular instructor with full classes at all times during the day, is in private sessions. Since private sessions usually require advance payment for multiple sessions, it’s a reliable source of income with the potential to help you grow in popularity.


It’s likely you will encounter some if not all of these issues as a yoga instructor. While you may be discouraged or intimidated by the truths about teaching yoga, remember these are simply the realities of the trade, and they affect everyone involved it.