Getting a Job After Yoga Teacher Training


Nervous About Getting a Job After Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training?

Once you’ve completed yoga teacher training Vancouver program, you will be enthusiastic about putting your newfound skills to use. However, you might not know how to land yoga teacher jobs and how much money to charge students. Discovering how to proceed can help you take those first steps.


Studio work

Competition to teach yoga is rife, but you can raise your chances of getting a foot in the door, of the studio in which you want to work, in various ways. Practicing there can demonstrate that you have faith in the values and style that the studio observes. Additionally, keeping up with personal yoga practice is essential if you want to align with your ideals. You love yoga and don’t want to forgo getting the most from it as an individual just because you are a teacher.

You can create a good impression on studio owners by putting yourself forward as a staff assistant. You may only receive a small wage or nothing, but you will gain experience and make yourself known. At the same time, you’ll be able to see how other yoga teachers operate and can offer to be a sub.


Other teaching positions

Even if you desperately want to work in a studio, don’t disregard the idea of starting elsewhere. When you have a position somewhere, anywhere, moving up the ladder is easier than struggling to get to first base.

A local gym or recreation center might be prepared to offer a flat rate in return for your skills rather than charging per student for a class. Knowing that you will earn a definite wage can help with financial planning. It’s always nice to know that you can pay your rent instead of wondering whether you’ll make enough money to do so each month.

Remember to search for yoga teaching jobs on the Internet as well as emailing everywhere that you can imagine might have an opening. In addition, you can gain confidence, ready for when a potential job arises, by preparing.



Studios tend to require prospective yoga teachers to demonstrate their abilities. If you’ve already planned several types of class demos, you’ll be ahead of the game. You’ll come across well if the classes you show studios reflect their particular style and provide thank you letters after demos and interviews.


What to charge

After completing training, most practitioners hope to secure a decent yoga teacher salary. Nonetheless, experience equals a higher wage bracket than you can expect as a beginner. On average, new yoga teachers receive just over $25 per hour.


When you have a teaching position

Don’t sit on your laurels when you’ve successfully bagged a position. Let people know that you provide classes and market them via flyers, emails, posters and the radio.

You may not command a high wage for some time, and the competition can be tough. However, if yoga means the world to you, you are about to live your dream for all the right reasons.


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