Guide to Good Posture

Do You Have Good Posture? When it comes to Yoga, good Posture is everything, Here is a great Infographic we found about your posture and how you can improve it. Keep in mind, good posture is important in everyday life as well! Did you know that having bad posture could be the cause of back

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7 Benefits Of Yoga


What are the benefits of yoga? There are so many benefits of yoga. Naked Truth Yoga has compiled a short list of our top 7 benefits. What have you found to be great benefits? We found a lot of people who, of course, know that there are physical benefits from practicing yoga. But what about

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How Yoga Transforms Your Body


What are the Yoga Benefits? There are so many yoga benefits and different ways Yoga affects your body. Are you new to yoga or are you an experienced yogi? What have you found the health benefits of yoga to be in your experiences? From relief of anxiety in only a few short weeks, relief from

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Naked Truth Yoga Has Rebranded


Check Out Naked Truth Yoga’s New Look! You may have noticed things are looking a bit different around here. These Vancouver Yoga Teacher’s have Rebranded! Can you spot our fresh new logo? Our new look was inspired by the Kundalini serpent power.  Yogic philosophy shows the serpent as a form of feminine shakti or “corporeal

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Yoga Is My Molly

Yoga Wear - Trucker Cap

Like so many others, we’ve been shocked and saddened by the recent news of so many young lives being lost because of toxic ecstasy . Dozens of teens and young adults have lost their lives to the chemical-laden party drug, which is now commonly referred to as “Molly”. This renaming, coupled with popular celebrities name checking

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HOW TO: Start A Yoga Business

You’ve just completed your yoga teacher training Vancouver program, or are looking to get back into teaching after a hiatus. But where do you begin? Sometimes, despite the hard work it takes to get certified, starting out as a new instructor can seem like the most intimidating part of your journey as a yoga instructor.

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