How To Wear Yoga Pants: 6 Tips To Look Your Best


Yoga pants seem simple enough, right? Just put them on and head out the door. But the truth is that there might be a little bit more to pulling off an effortless “just from the studio” look in yoga pants.

Here are 6 tips from Naked Truth Yoga Inc. on how to look like a natural yogi off to your next class (even if you’re just headed to the grocery store).

  • Go for casual. Please remember that these are yoga pants, for exercise, so they probably won’t fit with your business casual wear. Opt out of wearing them to the office, unless it’s very, very casual Friday. Yoga pants should also make no appearances at weddings, upscale restaurants, or anywhere else you couldn’t wear a pair of flip flops.
  • Check thickness. Remember that recent yoga pant fiasco where the pants were showing a little too much thanks to sheer fabric? The rest of the world does, too, and it’s a good reminder about how important it is to check the thickness of your pants before you buy them. Bend over, stretch, and, if possible, have a reliable friend let you know if they can see too much.
  • Buy the right size. Yoga pants are stretchy, but you still need to buy your size. You don’t want pants that tug or hug a little too tight. Not only is this super uncomfortable, but poorly fitted pants can increase the risk of camel toe. Ideally, look for a pant with a flattering fit, like our exclusive Vancouver No Camel Toe pant, designed to keep your privates private.
  • Watch what you have on underneath. Just like camel toes, panty lines are a no-no. So before you leave the house, make sure everything is in place.
  • Go for quality. Discount yoga pants can look just like their price tag — cheap. Invest in a good pair and your booty will thank you.
  • Just say no to nude. Nude yoga pants are a hard look to pull off, and more often than not you just look like you’re naked. Opt for black, grey, or a bright colour instead.

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