Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Program has every component needed to be successful and all of the hours are on a part-time schedule with options to fit any work or lifestyle. To book your free appointment to join our Yogic Instructor program that will change your life, click on our contact page and send us your message!

It is our passion and mission to provide the highest quality of Yoga Instructor courses with a dedication to a safe and all-inclusive, joyful environment.

Naked Truth Yoga is committed to upholding a very high standard of quality for teaching yoga through the Naked Truth Yoga Program. As a graduate of our program, we encourage you to pursue your passion and make a professional statement by staying true to our method. This achievement will indicate that you understand and represent the standards for which we are renowned. In the absence of federally regulated standards, we’ve created a pathway for students to achieve a benchmark that represents the highest level of education and skill.

In addition to a written exam, components of Anatomy and First Aid you will be able to create a well-organized and intelligent sequence of poses in the Naked Truth Yoga Method. Waiting to deepen your yoga practice? We are fully insured trainers that are registered with PCTIA, as well as a registered Yoga School through the Yoga Alliance. Call us today to sign up for the next Vancouver Yoga Training Class.

Start Your Spiritual Career in Our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Program!

Are you looking for naked yoga teacher training in the city of Vancouver BC? When it comes to your regular fitness routine, you may end up becoming bored while undergoing the traditional workouts. It’s one reason that should make you look for your yoga mat.

Many studies have come up to the conclusion that yoga slows down your heart rate, which is another reason that individuals with high blood pressure should consider practicing yoga and set a healthier example in their local community.

If you are spiritually-oriented, you may also happen to realize the more esoteric benefits of yoga as it pertains to consciousness, spirituality, and general well-being.

Undergoing yoga instructor training should be comfortable and also challenging. Ensure that you consult your doctor if you have any underlying medical issues before signing up for any yoga classes. It will ensure that you get the best possible outcome, as well as outline any potential limitations to your workout and routine to minimize your risk of physical injury.

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga

Yoga helps you and your students to calm down, which in turn reduces the potential effects of stress. Also, there are yoga styles that involve meditation techniques that overcome some mental activities which may reduce stress and anxiety.

For instance, through practicing the many sitting and standing yoga asanas, you’ll end up naturally standing straight and head-tall. Using your body’s muscles to maintain a proper pose, you end up strengthening your core muscles, which makes it easy for you to straighten your back and prevent slouching. Even proper breathing with the correct instruction, mindset, and practice can be the gateway to opening one’s chakras. Deep breathing exercises in yoga ensure that you enhance your lung capacity, increasing your endurance levels.

yoga teacher training vancouver bc

Proper yogic instruction ensures that you can increase your body’s flexibility. With appropriate training, you can learn to stretch your muscles, therefore increasing the range of motion in your body’s joints. It also helps you to reduce the amount of lactic acid that causes early morning pains and late-night aches.

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