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Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver

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Check out our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program in Vancouver BC, has every component needed to be successful and all of the hours are on a part-time schedule with options to fit any work or lifestyle. To book your consultation to join our instructor training program that will change your life, click on our contact page and send us your message!

It is our passion and mission to provide the highest quality of teacher training courses with a dedication to a safe and all-inclusive, joyful environment.

We are committed to upholding a very high standard of quality for teaching yoga through our training program. As a graduate of Naked Truth, we encourage you to pursue your passion and make a professional statement by staying true to our method. This achievement will indicate that you understand and represent the standards for which we are renowned. In the absence of federally regulated standards, we’ve created a pathway for students to achieve a benchmark that represents the highest level of education and skill.

In addition to a written exam, components of Anatomy you will be able to create a well-organized and intelligent sequence of yoga poses in the Naked Truth Method. Waiting to deepen your practice? We are also fully insured trainers that are registered with Yoga Alliance. Call us today to sign up for our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Start Your Spiritual Career With Our 200 hour Best Yoga Teacher Training

If you are spiritually-oriented, you may also happen to realize the more esoteric benefits of yoga as it pertains to consciousness, spirituality, and general well-being.

Undergoing yoga instructor training should be comfortable and also challenging. Ensure that you consult your doctor if you have any underlying medical issues before signing up for any yoga classes. It will ensure that you get the best possible outcome, as well as outline any potential limitations to your workout and routine to minimize your risk of physical injury.

See Yoga Instructor Course Details And Curriculum

Client Testimonials

"Every time I felt myself starting to fail one of them would come to my rescue. An extremely challenging and life changing course. Learned a lot about myself. Highly recommend it..."
– Rick Halliburn

"Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Teacher Training helped me to recognize the limits that I was placing upon myself that were preventing me to push through a plateau, both in my fitness and my general well-being!!..."
-Kelly Ranford

" I can easily say that taking this training was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Thank you Naked Truth Yoga Inc. for changing my life for the better, and for your ongoing support and love!..."
– Love, Danica

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Our Yoga Teacher Course Overview

What do you get in a naked truth yoga teacher training program?

  1. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. training manual
  2. Journal manual and method to sequence retention
  3. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Functional Anatomy manual with expert Dr. qualified anatomy instructor class time.
  4. 180 hours of elite yoga teacher training hours for class time, and yoga training. We also add in pilates style athletic components of training to add variety to your teaching abilities.
  5. 40 hours focused self-study assignments for further development of your teacher training skills.

Do you want to become a yoga instructor in Vancouver? We offer an intensive 200-hour yoga instructor course that will change your life, open your eyes to the history of yoga, meditation, anatomy, your body’s energies, chakras, asanas, and pranayamas. Naked Truth Yoga Inc.™ delivers professional class sequences, training, and even business knowledge. Our Vancouver yoga teacher training standards are among the highest in the industry. Therefore each participant of any Naked Truth Yoga Inc.™ training or certification program will go through a screening process prior to acceptance. We are very proud to have this program available for you and will be there with you every step of the way building your practice, confidence and welcome you into our Naked Truth Yoga Inc.™ Sanga (family).

We provide and meet the highest standards of excellence while operating under the authority of the yoga and fitness industry, completely dedicating our expertise to our students, making it our mission to create the highest quality instructors.

Course Curriculum

  1. History of Yoga
  2. Yoga Sutras
  3. Pranayama
  4. Karma
  5. Asanas
  6. Sequencing your class
  7. Learning Kids Yoga and how to sequence a class for different ages
  8. NTY Method, Hatha, Vinyasa, intro Kundalini, Yang, Yin, and much more
  9. Business of yoga in the growing yoga world
  10. Bio Functional Anatomy & Physiology created and taught by a Dr. and Yogi
  11. Biomechanics
  12. Intro to Ayurvedic nutrition
  13. Bandhas, Mudras, Kriyas
  14. Nadis, Koshas and Chakras
  15. Meditation
  16. Asanas in English and Sanskrit
  17. Elite NTY Transfers and Transitions©
  18. Learning hands on adjustments along with verbal adjustments and appropriate touch
  19. NTY safe transfers© when teaching hot yoga and unheated yoga
  20. NTY Formatting©
  21. Dissection of over 100 Asanas (poses)
  22. NTY flow transitions©
  23. Ability to book one on one time with our lead instructors
  24. The evolution of yoga
  25. Tools and templates to assist you in the organization of your sequencing and class planning
  26. Private communication group with Lead Instructors to answer any questions you may have during the course and after to ensure you are fully supported through this journey
  27. Online Manual with lifetime access
  28. Lead Trainers working with you to create all class formats with expert feedback NTY/Oxygen Class Formats
  29. Assisting in job placement at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness
  30. Practice teaching with expert Lead Trainers feedback and assistance

The Benefits of Teaching Yoga in Vancouver, BC

Proper yogic instruction ensures that you can increase your body’s flexibility. With appropriate training, you can learn to stretch your muscles, therefore increasing the range of motion in your body’s joints. It also helps you to reduce the amount of lactic acid that causes early morning pains and late-night aches.

For instance, through practicing the many sitting and standing yoga asanas, you’ll end up naturally standing straight and head-tall. Using your body’s muscles to maintain a proper pose, you end up strengthening your core muscles, which makes it easy for you to straighten your back and prevent slouching.

Even proper breathing with the correct instruction, mindset, and practice can be the gateway to opening one’s chakras. Deep breathing exercises in yoga ensure that you enhance your lung capacity, increasing your endurance levels. Yoga helps you and your students to calm down, which in turn reduces the potential long-term effects of anxiety and stress.