5 Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Vancouver Yoga Studio

Every teacher, new and old, wants to reach his or her potential and open students to the best yoga experience possible. One of the best ways to do this is to continually push yourself to grow and learn. In our years of teacher training, we’ve picked up a few tips for how you can thrive at the front of the class. Here are our five top tips for Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training.

Get off your mat.
We know – this one is easier said than done. But by getting off your mat and walking through the room you can help correct your students and see what’s going on in your class. To make the transition more seamless, keep sequences simple so your students are confident to do things on their own, without needing you as a focal point. Run through sequences at first, then gradually start to walk around the room. Your students will benefit from the individual attention and get more from your class and instruction.

Listen to your students.
Show compassion and patience – the same things you would like to see from an instructor! Also listen to your students for their feedback. They will often be your greatest teachers. It’s also important to listen even when they’re being negative or, yes, annoying you. Even our worst moments can be opportunities for growth and learning.

Go with the flow.
Even the best yoga teachers make mistakes or face challenges that throw them out of their comfort zone. Maybe your students are having trouble with a sequence, maybe you’re in a new space. If you’ve made a mistake, laugh it off. If your students need help, slow it down and adapt.

Own your space.
When you’re teaching, the studio is your space – own it! Keep your confidence in how you run your class. Set the mood with your voice, style, and pacing. Create a comfortable environment, including temperature and lighting, that matches your teaching style. But also keep an eye on your students – if they’re shivering or straining to see you, you might want to switch things up.

Keep it simple.
Keeping it simple, especially as a new teacher, benefits both you and your students. Keep your language, your music, and your sequences as straightforward and simple as possible. Speak slowly, show clearly. As you gain comfort and familiarity in your new environment, your routine will naturally evolve and you will become the confident instructor your students need.

Do you struggle with any of these areas? We’d love to help you begin to thrive at one of the many Vancouver Yoga studios we teach at! Contact us on Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts.