The Story Behind Naked Truth Yoga Inc.


We’re often asked about our path to opening Naked Truth Yoga Inc.. The truth is that it was a long journey of continuous learning to bring you the best – and we’re still on that path today, constantly learning and evolving our style to meet your needs.

We had to take many different training classes and courses to feel that we were actually prepared for teaching yoga. We would leave one course to find out that we still needed more in order to have all the facets to effectively lead a class.

With both of us leading such active lifestyles, we wanted to honor our style of yoga with a strong fitness component. Marilyn’s background is in fitness. A trained and competitive gymnast, she also has a background in martial arts, dance, and personal fitness. Samara also comes from a physically active background in dance and dance instruction. Her extensive training with the best in yoga instruction combines with her dance experience to form a unique focus on fluidity of motion in our classes.

We knew it was important to keep our bodies as healthy as our minds and wanted this reflected in our instruction. We put our years of multi-faceted experience together to develop a program that went to a higher level.

All of this led to us opening up a Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Program with our signature style – one that offers a small intro to so many different parts of the yoga world, letting our students explore and find what they are comfortable with, and what brings them the best results and the most pleasurable experience.

We all have unique journeys and stories as we travel through life, and it’s our pleasure to be able to share ours with you through yoga.