Benefits Of Personal Training


What Are the Benefits of Personal Training Hiring a personal trainer can be an intimidating experience. We all have that stereotypical image in our head of some hulking, intense trainer looming over us while we struggle through a workout and feel like we’re just a disappointment. In truth however, a good personal trainer will never intimidate

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Are You Ready For Yoga Instructor Training?


Yoga Instructor Training Knowing when you are ready for yoga instructor training can be a difficult thing to gauge, particularly if you’re unsure of how much time and commitment such an undertaking will require. While the answer to whether or not a person is ready for yoga instructor training varies depending on which person is

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Yoga Motivational Quotes


Yoga Motivational Quotes Pictures Are you looking for motivation? View our Yoga Motivational Quotes that we have compiled from different sources below. We would love to hear back about which quotes you have found that inspire or keep you motivated! Feel free to share the images with friends! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher – The Truths!


Helpful Truths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher Becoming a yoga Instructor is certainly an accomplishment that you can be proud of. With your Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program complete, you may feel it is time to venture out into the community and share your teachings. While starting anything new is exciting, moving into uncharted territory

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The Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga is infectious… if you’re exposed to it by the right person you can easily learn the benefits of yoga. Practiced for centuries, the benefits of yoga are well-known the world over. Those who make a regular habit of practicing yoga experience less stress, greater relaxation, a deeper connection with their spiritual aspect, increased flexibility,

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Elite Yoga Teacher Training


Are you ready for our Elite Yoga Teacher Training? Do you have the energy… …the flexibility… …and the dedication…. …to not only open your eyes, widen your awareness, and change your life… …but to change the face of yoga in Vancouver? This July, we’re going deep with 200 hours of elite training, class sequences, and

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Getting a Job After Yoga Teacher Training


Nervous About Getting a Job After Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training? Once you’ve completed yoga teacher training Vancouver program, you will be enthusiastic about putting your newfound skills to use. However, you might not know how to land yoga teacher jobs and how much money to charge students. Discovering how to proceed can help you take

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The Benefits of Teaching Pranayama


Teaching Pranayama: The Benefits Pranayama, also referred to as breathing techniques are a major part of yoga practice. Without them, students would not gain such deep self-awareness as they do when combining them with asanas. When you teach pranayama, you present your pupils with a lifelong tool that will benefit them immensely. At the same

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