Preparing for Teaching Your First Yoga Class


Teaching Your First Yoga Class


You might be eager to teach your first yoga class after completing the yoga teacher training Vancouver program or downright nervous. Either way, when you’re a newbie, teaching a yoga class is likely to be a challenge. There’s so much to remember, and you want to come across as confident rather than frightened. The key to your success rests in preparation and being kind to yourself.



No doubt, you’ll have already created a plan regarding the asanas you intend to teach, but there are also other factors to consider. For instance, do you want to use music and literature? Doing so can add to a class or reduce its effectiveness depending on how it’s introduced and whether it interferes with more important matters. If including extras confuses you or makes the lesson more complicated than it needs to be, it’s probably best left out.

You’ll have a great deal on your mind as your first yoga class date approaches, but don’t overlook essential details. Make sure that the venue is booked and you have insurance.

Leave plenty of space clear before teaching so that you can get to class in good time. Expect setbacks such as traffic jams and just be delighted if they don’t occur. You can use the spare time that’s available to calm your spirit and body by carrying out deep breathing exercises.

Don’t be afraid to jot notes in a book that you keep by your side during class. Summarize the main steps to take in the lesson and highlight words that trigger your memory. You won’t need to read from the book aloud, but you can glance at it. Even if you don’t need it, just knowing that it’s there will provide you with confidence.

You might find that it’s beneficial to introduce a theme for each session such as connecting your body and mind or moving with compassion. Doing so will provide a solid structure with which to work.



Greet your class individually if possible and inquire quietly as to whether they have any health complaints that might influence their practice. Meeting each person in this manner is also friendly and forms a good impression. Additionally, if you’ve already greeted your students with a smile, you’ll have broken the ice before you begin the class in earnest.

You may feel a little wobbly due to nerves, but try to focus on how your students might be feeling instead of concentrating on your own emotions. Perhaps they are nervous too! Work at making them feel welcome and relaxed and your own mental state will be positive and calm. You won’t need to inform them that you are new to teaching or ask for forgiveness if you make the odd mistake here and there. Just aim to provide the best experience possible for your class and correct any errors with a bright smile.


Teaching a yoga class initially may seem daunting, but keeping a sense of humor and putting your fears aside in favor of goodwill will help you shine.  follow us on Facebook & Twitter to continue the conversation!