The Benefits of Teaching Pranayama


Teaching Pranayama: The Benefits

Pranayama, also referred to as breathing techniques are a major part of yoga practice. Without them, students would not gain such deep self-awareness as they do when combining them with asanas. When you teach pranayama, you present your pupils with a lifelong tool that will benefit them immensely. At the same time, because you constantly carry out the techniques yourself, you will reap the rewards that come from mindful breathing.


Mind/body connection

When students become aware of their breath and take control of how they manage the air they inhale and exhale, they begin to understand the connection between their mind and body. Countless people fail to notice that their emotions influence how they feel physically, and that the reverse is true. They often do not recognize how physical ailments affect their mental state. Understanding this link can aid health and wellness, since pupils can purposefully begin to manage their systems as whole units instead of separate parts.


Stress reduction

Deep, mindful breathing has the power to carry people to a calm, tranquil inner state of being where they drop anxiety. Additionally, students learn how to recognize the process of gaining deep relaxation and can repeat doing so when needed.



Once a greater mind/body connection is created and entering a relaxed state is easy, pranayama can expand self-awareness even more profoundly. Some pupils find that they gain empathy with others as well as understanding themselves better via carrying out breathing techniques regularly.



Confused thinking causes communication difficulties and blocks people from evaluating situations accurately. Yoga teacher training involving pranayama will show you how to adopt clear thoughts as a matter of course. Additionally, you will shed many ego-based ideals in favor of thinking in ways that include maintaining the good of all.


Health benefits

Learning how to slow down your breathing and take full breaths, helps to lower blood pressure, puts minimal pressure on internal organs, and increases the length of life of you and your students. At the same time, you will improve the level of blood in the oxygen you breathe, which will result in a healthier heart. Our yoga teacher training Vancouver program can go a long way to enhancing well-being.



There is a good reason most meditations include deep breathing as part of their introductions; breathing exercises help people enter a deep meditative state. Yoga training can help you teach students to access mindful awareness, an insightful inner state of consciousness. Pranayama is often practiced during yoga poses and can aid entering a condition where the mind has admission to heightened perception.


Better sleep

Even simple breathing techniques can make insomnia fade. You will discover that the pranayama exercises included in Vancouver yoga teacher training help you sleep beautifully. Furthermore, being able to pass on helpful techniques that reduce stress and sleeping problems for your students will be a pleasure.

The benefits of teaching pranayama are varied, but all increase wellness significantly. From peaceful slumber to greater health, breathing exercises can improve life significantly.


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