How to Get Sales After You Become a Yoga Teacher


So Now You’re a Yoga Teacher…How to Get Sales?

Advice from Naked Truth Yoga Inc.

Coming from the peaceful world of Yoga, diving into the stressful world of marketing and sales may seem like a step in the wrong direction. Now that you have successfully completed your Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program however, the next step is going to be in that exact direction so you can begin to market yourself as a Yoga Teacher in the most effective way. To begin with, it is important to try and let go of any pre-conceived, negative notions you may have concerning the world of marketing. While you are selling yourself and your skills as a Yoga instructor in the competitive Vancouver market, you won’t have to use any sleazy gimmicks or sales tactics to get an edge on the competition. In other words, this isn’t traditional marketing. It’s a specialized Yoga Marketing.

Accept Yoga Marketing

Now that you are beginning to accept this concept of Yoga Marketing as opposed to traditional marketing, you can embrace the idea that rather than thinking inward and ‘selling yourself’, you can consider the possibilities that your Yoga teaching has to offer to potential students. In this mindset, selling your brand of teaching can begin to feel like a part of your teaching. Realizing the possible positive benefits your instruction can provide to potential students can help perpetuate a positive attitude towards selling. You haven’t completed your Yoga Teacher Training simply for your own financial benefit, but also for the benefit of your potential students.

Put Yoga Marketing into Action

To put this Yoga Marketing technique into action, ask yourself three questions when faced with a potential student. First, ask “What is the student’s struggle?” It is up to you to determine what a person is looking to get out of your teaching. Next, you should ask “What is the vision?” Try to figure out what you can do to help this person achieve a solution to their problem through Yoga. Finally you can ask, and it is important that you answer this question with total honesty, “Do I bridge the gap?” Is it within your ability to truly help this person achieve their vision by teaching them your brand of Yoga? If you decide you may not be the right instructor for them, this does not mean you can’t help at all. Instead of being this person’s Yoga trainer, you can be valuable resource by introducing them to your peers and potentially exposing them to an instructor who is better able to help them achieve a specific goal. By doing so, you cultivate a positive image for yourself, which is just as important as being a good Yoga teacher when it comes to making sales.

By using these simple techniques, you will find that making sales will start to feel less like pushing a product, and more like offering a solution. This positive mindset will empower you as a Yoga teacher and marketer, and will help you make sales.

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