The Benefits Of Yoga


Yoga is infectious… if you’re exposed to it by the right person you can easily learn the benefits of yoga. Practiced for centuries, the benefits of yoga are well-known the world over. Those who make a regular habit of practicing yoga experience less stress, greater relaxation, a deeper connection with their spiritual aspect, increased flexibility,

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The Benefits of Teaching Pranayama


Teaching Pranayama: The Benefits Pranayama, also referred to as breathing techniques are a major part of yoga practice. Without them, students would not gain such deep self-awareness as they do when combining them with asanas. When you teach pranayama, you present your pupils with a lifelong tool that will benefit them immensely. At the same

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5 Yoga Teacher Training Tips

Vancouver Yoga Studio

Every teacher, new and old, wants to reach his or her potential and open students to the best yoga experience possible. One of the best ways to do this is to continually push yourself to grow and learn. In our years of teacher training, we’ve picked up a few tips for how you can thrive

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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga For Beginners: You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere! Are you just starting out with Yoga? Learn how to pose for success! We found this infographic super helpful. What is your yoga style? Do you know what the different yoga styles are? We also explain the benefits of yoga. Did you know that after just 12 weeks,

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