Online Yoga Teacher Training Vs In Person

there is a lot of benefits of choosing the online yoga programs now in Vancouver

Yoga has existed for several thousand years, and the practice has weathered many storms. So while this most recent global situation is very challenging on many different levels, there is no doubt that yoga will prevail. Even if things like yoga teacher training has to go online!


It’s not all bad. In fact, there are many advantages to online yoga teacher training. Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences, and the pros and cons, of the online experience.

5 Pros of Online Yoga Teacher Training

1. Any Teacher, Anywhere

If you have always wanted to learn from a specific teacher but have been held back by the distance, now is the perfect time to learn from that yogi you’ve always admired.


2. Lower Expenses

For much online yoga teacher training, the cost is lower. Even if the instruction isn’t, you save money because you don’t have to travel or pay for accommodations while you are learning.


3. Comforts of Home

Some people love to gather at the studio, but for many, creating a sacred home space is equally as fulfilling. You can burn the candles or incense of your choosing, have your own altar, and spread out the way you want.


4. Focus on a Career Path

Doing online yoga teacher training changes the rhythm and flow of things, but that’s not all bad. You can use this time to really consider and put into place the pieces for how to build your yoga teacher career path as things slowly return to normal.


5. A New Perspective

Sometimes we are forced to do things we don’t want to do. And if we can take that experience and refocus on the silver lining and the positive gains from it, we are going to come out further ahead than we thought we could.


5 Challenges of Online Yoga Training

1. Human Connection

Hands-on corrections and hugs are on pause for a while, and these things were a great part of the face to face community that you would build with other students and teachers.


2. Zoom Gloom

It can be difficult and disorienting for some to spend a long time in front of a screen, especially for a practice that is meant to disconnect you from that world and reconnect you to your internal and energetic self.


3. Distractions

Practicing at home can be great for some, as mentioned above. For others, the distractions at home can be, well, distracting. Ever realized how badly you need to sweep? You will when you’re doing your next home practice downward dog.


4. Technology Woes

Let’s face it, sometimes technology can fail us. Whether it’s a glitchy program or a weak internet connection, technology is not always as reliable as we’d like it to be.


5. Personalized Instruction

Over time, teachers gain a knack for being able to read the room and their students. This goes for yoga teacher training, too. But it is much more difficult to get a sense of the collective energy of the students when they are spread far apart and behind a screen.


Really, whether you do online yoga teacher training or in person, there are going to be highs and lows, but it’s really what you make of it. If you find ways to overcome the challenges with a positive attitude, you are well on your way to becoming a successful teacher.