Yoga Teacher Training Tips: Teaching Your First Class


There are two types of people in the world — those who can approach any new experience cool as a cucumber, and those who get butterflies or even extreme nerves when faced with a new challenge. This post is to help people in the latter category who are about to embark on their new and exciting Yoga Teacher path.

So, here are some tips for: Teaching your First Class

Be prepared

You’ve already done much of the groundwork, you’ve taken a yoga teacher training course either in Vancouver or elsewhere in the world and you’ve invested a lot of time into your own practice. Teaching is different and preparation is key.

Before you teach, it’s a good idea to write down a basic sequence you’d like to follow. This way you can transition between asanas smoothly and it will calm your nerves to know that you have a sort of safety blanket. Even some the most experienced teachers lead class with a notebook and refer to notes. This not only serves as a reference, but it also shows your students that you have put thought into the class and are there to help.

Be ready to think on your feet

As prepared as you might be, there are times when the class plan you’ve created does not match the energy in the room. Or perhaps your students will have requests to work on back bends when you had planned for twists. Part of being prepared means having the flexibility of mind to change things up on the fly.

Be real

As long as you believe what you are saying, your students will buy in. You started your yoga teacher training because you believe in the practice. Now it’s your turn to share what you know, and it’s likely more than you realize, even when you’re just starting out. You can mention to your students that you are new to teaching so they approach your class with an open heart. We can almost guarantee that as long as you are honest and humble, your students will respond with love and kindness.

Be observant

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s easy to get lost in your own head because you’re trying to remember every little thing from your yoga teacher training. But the reason you are there is for the students, so it’s important that your focus remains on them. Walk around the room, do demonstrations, help your students in whatever way they need. Each class will be different so one formula simply won’t work. By being on high alert and observant, you will be able to handle anything that comes your way.

Be humble

Unfortunately, some yoga teachers use their class as a platform to show off their “yoga tricks” or talk about themselves. Remember that while the students are there to learn from you, they are there to practice yoga, not to hear about your personal opinions or see how long you can hold a handstand. Yoga and only yoga should be your focus. Remain humble to the practice and remember the lessons from your yoga teacher training on the history and traditions to stay on track.

And finally… Enjoy yourself! You got this.

If you are thinking about embarking on your own yoga teacher training in Vancouver BC and are searching for an in depth and incredible experience, we would love to meet you.