Naked Truth – Teacher Training Dates


Naked Truth Yoga™ is gearing up and getting ecstatic for its upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program that begins in early 2017. This intensive 200 hour program, will change your life, introduce you to an inclusive, supportive community and give you the tools you need to become the yoga teacher you dream of becoming. Our

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Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training NEW START DATES: June 2016 Do you have dreams of becoming a YOGI? Maybe, you consider yourself a natural when it comes to spiritual practices and guidance? Are you a believer that good energy flow and healthy breathing are essentials in life? Ever wonder what’s needed to become certified as a yoga [...] Continue reading »

Are You Ready For Yoga Instructor Training?


Yoga Instructor Training Knowing when you are ready for yoga instructor training can be a difficult thing to gauge, particularly if you’re unsure of how much time and commitment such an undertaking will require. While the answer to whether or not a person is ready for yoga instructor training varies depending on which person is

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Proud Members Of The Yoga Alliance


Naked Truth Yoga is a proud member of the Yoga Alliance. Not sure what that means? Being a Registered Yoga School allows us to train you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher! The Yoga Alliance ensures that yoga schools are providing proper and safe training when training yoga teachers. In order to become registered with

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The Story Behind Naked Truth Yoga


We’re often asked about our path to opening Naked Truth Yoga. The truth is that it was a long journey of continuous learning to bring you the best – and we’re still on that path today, constantly learning and evolving our style to meet your needs. We had to take many different training classes and

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Naked Truth Yoga Has Rebranded


Check Out Naked Truth Yoga’s New Look! You may have noticed things are looking a bit different around here. These Vancouver Yoga Teacher’s have Rebranded! Can you spot our fresh new logo? Our new look was inspired by the Kundalini serpent power.  Yogic philosophy shows the serpent as a form of feminine shakti or “corporeal

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