Are You Ready For Yoga Instructor Training?


Yoga Instructor Training

Knowing when you are ready for yoga instructor training can be a difficult thing to gauge, particularly if you’re unsure of how much time and commitment such an undertaking will require. While the answer to whether or not a person is ready for yoga instructor training varies depending on which person is asking, there are a few key things to keep in mind when considering becoming involved in yoga instruction. By taking the time to think about how becoming a yoga instructor will affect your life, you are already on your way to potentially becoming a yoga instructor.

Determine Your Skill Level

First of all, it is important to determine you own level of skill when practicing yoga on your own, and what type of yoga you prefer to do. It is very hard to get motivated enough to teach a version of yoga that you have very little familiarity with or passion for. You also want to be sure that you are comfortable in an intermediate level class, and are willing to attempt more advanced poses. While yoga is not competitive in terms of who can learn the most poses, it is important you challenge yourself if you want to become an instructor. You can do this by pushing yourself to learn more advanced poses as often as you can.

Push Yourself

If you want to truly push yourself to become a successful yoga instructor, you have to have the desire to learn as much as you can about yoga. This is definitely not limited to simply memorizing a bunch of positions, but expanding that knowledge into breathing, anatomy, meditation techniques and the overall philosophies behind the practice of yoga. Once you embrace the desire to immerse yourself in each aspect of yoga, you will find it is much easier to see yourself in the role of an instructor.

Now that you have begun to see yourself as a yoga teacher, it is important to select a training program that is best suited to your lifestyle and the kind of teacher you want to become. Many yoga centres offer a wide variety of training programs that vary in skill level and duration. For instance, you can start training slowly in order to get a feel for becoming an instructor with a level one program that usually requires 30 hours of training for certification. If you are feeling more ambitious for the start however, there are programs that require 200 hours of training for certification. You will also want to make sure you choose an instructor who you find personally motivates you. This is important, as your eventual teaching methods will likely reflect those of your own instructor.

Keep An Open Mind

One final thing to keep in mind is to continue to have an open mind throughout the entire process of enrolling in yoga teacher training and after you complete your certification. Teaching yoga is a lifelong process, and you will get out of it as much as you are willing to put in. If you would like to learn more, or sign up for instructor training, visit our website. You can also check us out online via Twitter and Facebook.