Naked Truth Yoga is Now Offering Kyäni

In Vancouver, we are incredibly fortunate to live in a place of abundance and opportunity, especially when it comes to opportunities for health and wellbeing. And at Naked Truth Yoga, we are committed to and encourage others to strive for optimal health and wellness in body, mind and soul. While we believe that yoga is [...] Continue reading »


Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training NEW START DATES: June 2016 Do you have dreams of becoming a YOGI? Maybe, you consider yourself a natural when it comes to spiritual practices and guidance? Are you a believer that good energy flow and healthy breathing are essentials in life? Ever wonder what’s needed to become certified as a yoga [...] Continue reading »

What Do Yogis Eat?


What Do Yogis Eat to Improve Mind, Body and Soul? It is a well-established fact that eating a well-balanced diet is an integral part of having a healthy lifestyle. This is as true for yogis as it is for anyone else who is looking to improve their overall well-being. While there is no such thing

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Yoga Motivational Quotes


Yoga Motivational Quotes Pictures Are you looking for motivation? View our Yoga Motivational Quotes that we have compiled from different sources below. We would love to hear back about which quotes you have found that inspire or keep you motivated! Feel free to share the images with friends! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep

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Becoming a Yoga Teacher – The Truths!


Helpful Truths About Becoming a Yoga Teacher Becoming a yoga Instructor is certainly an accomplishment that you can be proud of. With your Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program complete, you may feel it is time to venture out into the community and share your teachings. While starting anything new is exciting, moving into uncharted territory

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