HOW TO: Become a Yoga Instructor

As you strengthen your body and mind through yoga, it’s a natural progression to want to move from practicing to sharing your passion with others through teaching. But yoga instruction requires more than just patience and experience – to lead a class you need certification and training that can be extensive and expensive.

We’ve broken down a few key points to consider before you make your move to the front of the class.

Choosing Your Specialty

When it comes to getting certified and beginning your training, starting with one specific style and teaching method will ensure a focused mastery that will let you launch into the industry quickly.

But how do you choose from so many options? The best strategy is often to follow your heart! By the time you begin to consider teaching, you’ve probably developed your yoga style and have a favourite. But if you can’t narrow it down to just one type, selecting the most popular style in your region may improve your employability down the line.

Getting Certified

Once you know what direction to go in, it’s time to start training. Don’t underestimate the power of teacher training, either. Understanding how to help your students is just as essential as learning the most advanced poses. Genuine empathy and compassion for your fellow human beings are your most crucial building blocks.

You’ll want to find a school that fits your schedule and meets industry standards. Full time or part time, most recognized programs require up to 200 hours of practicum work and education to complete. The more experience you have, the further you’ll get your bare foot in the door. Some training centres even open up employment opportunities to their graduates.

Practice Makes Perfect 

Once you’re on the road to certification, there are a few ways to get comfortable in front of students and strengthen your teaching abilities. The teacher-student relationship is fundamental to yoga – even the most experienced yogis are always learning! Link up with a guru who challenges you and whose lifestyle you admire, and they can give you vital guidance along your path.

You can also supplement your education with work at community centres and local fitness gyms. These are great stepping stones, and are far less competitive than private studios.

Throughout your journey, it helps to be patient, and maintain your own yoga practice. Yoga takes time to do its work. Just like the pursuit of wellness, the pursuit of wellness teaching takes patience and practice to yield results.

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