Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver Classes Starting in July 2017


We are happy to announce our next round of 200 Hr Yoga Training in Vancouver. Developing and teaching the yoga teachers of the future is our passion. We acknowledge and are grateful to all the teachers who have come before us, and seeing the growth and dedication of the participants gives us a great deal of confidence and hope for the future of yoga.

Graduates of our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program are committed to keeping the spirit of yoga alive and continuing its rich traditions with respect and grace. That’s because we screen our participants to ensure the highest quality of the next generation of yoga teachers. It is our goal to keep yoga alive through a commitment to its core tenants and current high professional standards.

Our yoga teacher training program is something we are incredibly proud of. Graduates finishing the program come out with a deep understanding of the following elements of yoga.

  • The history of yoga including Patanjali’s Yogic Sutras
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Body’s energies systems including Nadis and Chakras
  • Asanas (the yogic postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques and exercises)
  • Bandhas, mudras and kriyas
  • Class sequences for different levels and ages
  • Different types of yoga including Kundalini, Yin, Naked Truth Method, Fusion and Power Core, Yang, and partner yoga
  • Safe and knowledgable adjustments
  • Practice teaching and feedback
  • Business knowledge and advice

The Naked Truth Yoga™ Sanga (family) is a tight knit one of practitioners and teachers who are whole-heartedly committed to the traditions of yoga. We are committed to developing the highest quality instructors out there.

To ensure that new teachers are walking away with the confidence to share their training with the world, we have designed our course to be in depth and comprehensive. Therefore, we provide our participants with everything they will need, including:

  • Naked Truth Yoga training manual (that you can’t find anywhere else!)
  • Journal manual and method to sequence retention
  • Naked Truth Yoga Functional Anatomy manual with an expert doctor and qualified anatomy instructor class time.
  • Three year certification in CPR and First Aid manual with expert and qualified First Aid/CPR/AED instructor class time.
  • 180 hours of elite teacher training hours for class time, and Yoga training. We also add in Pilates style athletic components of training to add variety to your teaching abilities.
  • 40 hours Focused self study assignments for further development of teacher training skills.

Our program will open your eyes to the power of yoga. And you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality education set to the highest industry standards.

Naked Truth’s Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training program begins on July 29th and runs through September, 2017. The unique schedule takes into account of people from all backgrounds and circumstance — we work within your already busy schedule and life.

We are now open for registration for our upcoming program.

To book your free consultation to learn more about the program that will change your life, send us your message so we can get the ball rolling.

Please email us at for a free consultation for detailed information about, scheduling, cost, materials included and expectations of this valued Yoga teaching course.

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