Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Starts January 18th 2015


Do not forget to mark the start date of January 18, 2015 on your calendar if you want to partake in Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training.

200 hours of training, running through January to April, will provide you with 2-year certification stemming from professional lessons delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

If you dream of becoming a yoga teacher, or simply want to expand your knowledge of yoga for personal development, this expertly devised course is meant for you.

During training, you can expect to gain a wide variety of specialized knowledge that will fully equip you to set up your own practice. Classes include Functional Anatomy, First Aid, and Business Training encompassed in 40 hours of Focused Self Study Assignments and 160 hours of Yoga Training.

During the Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training course:

You will enjoy support and encouragement via professional instructors who will guide you through the learning process step by step. You will also be provided with a Naked Truth Yoga Journal Manual and a Functional Anatomy Manual. You will learn about meditation, the history of yoga, and how to understand your body’s energy. In addition, you will gain extensive insight into pranayamas, asanas and chakras.

Vancouver Yoga Teacher training will show you how to work with the subtle energy system of your body and help you gain confidence in instructing others. You will learn how to teach pupils to create inner and outer wellness with yoga practice. At the same time, you will gain knowledge about how to perform and teach valuable Naked Truth Yoga sequences, and engage with your pupils in a naturally self-assured and beneficial manner.

If yoga has become an integral part of your life, you will discover that showing others how to garner similar benefits to those that you enjoy is rewarding and satisfying. Teaching in a way that connects with pupils and motivates them to become as zealous as you are about yoga takes skill, and teacher training can provide you with the expertise you require. Watching pupils progress and reap substantial returns from their endeavors will be a wonderful gift that is deeply gratifying. Even if you do not intend to instruct others, you will find that increasing your knowledge about yoga is invaluable. Lessons can enhance your self-awareness and contentment in life, and certification can provide a respected qualification that might be useful in the future.

Choose to obtain the knowledge that allows you to make the next important step on your journey and you will never look back.

Classes take place on Sundays as they are designed to suit your lifestyle. You can easily fit teacher training into your schedule so that learning is a joyful commitment rather than an extra chore. Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training standards are particularly high in Vancouver; therefore, participants are expected to go through a screening process before they are accepted.

If you are interested in embarking on our fabulously enlightening course of Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training, and expanding your awareness and knowledge, do not hesitate to book a free consultation. We welcome your interest and will be delighted to give you further information. You can call us at 604-789-0449 or email us at

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