Yoga Studio Consultant

Our whole lifestyle is committed to the principles that we teach on our mats. One way we live yoga outside of the studio is by helping out our industry and growing the yoga world to include many studios in Vancouver.

Part of our philosophy means that we want to see studios succeed, we are deeply involved in the business of yoga through our Yoga Studio Consultants Program and teacher training. We are available to meet with anyone who is opening a studio and discuss marketing, training, and general business operations.

We want to see a thriving yoga-friendly culture where there are many options available for yogis looking to get their fix. We know that our style may not be for everyone, but there is something for you out there at one of the many studios in the city.

What makes us perfect for helping you launch your studio? We have 20 years of experience in the fitness and yoga industry. Marilyn is also a founder of Oxygen Yoga, a highly successful chain of infrared yoga and fitness studios. We are ready and available to bring this experience and expertise to your studio and students.

Marilyn and Samara have also created a Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Program, that have successfully launched many Yoga Careers in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

If you want to discuss opening a studio, or how to give your current one a boost, contact us to set up a consultation and learn how to succeed.