Yoga Is My Molly

Yoga Wear - Trucker Cap

Like so many others, we’ve been shocked and saddened by the recent news of so many young lives being lost because of toxic ecstasy .

Dozens of teens and young adults have lost their lives to the chemical-laden party drug, which is now commonly referred to as “Molly”. This renaming, coupled with popular celebrities name checking the euphoria-inducing drug, has led to a concerning resurgence of its popularity among youth, who are using it either to lose weight or lose control while out with friends. Now parents and friends of the deceased are speaking out to try to sway youth away from trying the drug, which is being manufactured with more harmful ingredients than before.

Police are saying that the toxic batches of ecstasy can be traced to a chemical called PMMA. PMMA is a cheap addition to the formula that mimics MDMA but takes effect more slowly, resulting in users consuming more of the drug to achieve a high. It causes fatal spikes in body temperature and easy overdoses. With no way of knowing which pills are contaminated, often just one friend will fall ill within a group.

To help combat this rising problem, Naked Truth Yoga Inc. is proud to announce that we’ll be fundraising for a selected treatment centre to help teens and adults recover from addiction issues. We’ve created t-shirts and hats with the slogan “Yoga is My Molly”, and partial proceeds from their purchase will go towards this cause. Our goal is to have people look to yoga as a means to achieve a natural high, a sense of community, weight loss, and a healthy drug-free lifestyle.

To learn how you can help or to purchase Yoga is My Molly merchandise, contact us for more info, or our online store will be available shortly!