Why a PCTIA Accreditation Matters for Yoga Instructors

There are a lot of ways to become a yoga instructor but, hands down, the best ways all come with a PCTIA accreditation.

The PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutions Agency) was created in 2004 to help protect students by providing education standards for private career training institutions in British Columbia.

PCTIA protects students by:

  • establishing basic education standards for registered institutions
  • establishing standards of quality for accredited institutions
  • managing the Student Training Completion Fund (STCF) which is used to refund:
  • a student’s unearned tuition when an institution closes prior to program completion, and
  • a portion of tuition fees a student has paid a registered institution that, in the opinion of the board, has misled a student.

All institutions that have programs that offer a career-training program of more than 40 hours in duration or has tuition of $1000 must be registered with the PCTIA and must comply with the regulations and bylaws of the PCTIA. After being in good standing for a year, the program has the option to become accredited and must maintain higher quality standards. Accreditation also means that institutions can apply for financial aid designations.

We’re proud to be a PCTIA accredited program, and to bring you the best. If you’re interested in our Vancouver Teacher Training Vancouver program, call or email us today!