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Naked Truth’s Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Programs For 2020 are Ready for Registration.

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Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Courses


Moved To Online Training Due to COVID-19. Starts June 15th.

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Moved To Online Training Due to COVID-19. Starts June 15th.

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Moved To Online Training Due to COVID-19. Starts June 15th.

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What do you get in a naked truth yoga teacher training program?

1. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. training manual
2. Journal manual and method to sequence retention
3. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Bio-Functional Anatomy manual with expert Dr. qualified anatomy instructor class time.
4. Lifetime yoga instructor certification.
5. 180 hours of elite yoga teacher training hours for class time, and yoga training. We also add in pilates style athletic components of training to add variety to your teaching abilities.
6. 40 hours focused self-study assignments for further development of your teacher training skills.

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Yoga Teacher Training Program in Vancouver

Do you want to become a yoga instructor in Vancouver? We offer an intensive 200-hour yoga instructor course that will change your life, open your eyes to the history of yoga, meditation, anatomy, your body’s energies, chakras, asanas, and pranayamas. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. delivers professional class sequences, training, and even business knowledge. Our Vancouver yoga teacher training standards are among the highest in the industry. Therefore each participant of any Naked Truth Yoga Inc. training or certification program will go through a screening process prior to acceptance. We are very proud to have this program available for you and will be there with you every step of the way building your practice, confidence and welcome you into our Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Sanga (family).

We provide and meet the highest standards of excellence while operating under the authority of the yoga and fitness industry, completely dedicating our expertise to our students, making it our mission to create the highest quality instructors.

Naked Truth’s Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Programs are Ready for Registration

We are booking appointments for a free information consultation with your Naked Truth Vancouver Yoga teacher trainers for details on scheduling, cost and materials included, for the next Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver course. 

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Our Curriculum: Become a Yoga Teacher

1. History Of Yoga
2. Yoga Sutras
3. Pranayama
4. Karma
5. Asanas
6. Sequencing your class
7. Learning Kids Yoga and how to sequence a class for different ages
8. Kundalini, Yin, Naked Truth Method, Fusion and Power Core, Yang, etc.
9. Business of yoga in the growing yoga world
10. Bio-Functional Anatomy created and taught by a Dr. and Yogi
11. Ayurvedic nutrition
12. Bandhas, Mudras, Kriyas
13. Different Types of yoga
14. Partner Yoga (also known as Acro Vinyasa )(*Live Training Only)

15. Intro to Yogic Thai Massage (*Live Training Only)
16. Nadis and Chakras
17. Meditation
18. Asanas in English and Sanskrit
19. Elite exclusive Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Transfers
20. Arm Balances (*Live Training Only)
21. Learning hands-on adjustments along with verbal adjustments
22. Naked Truth Yoga Inc.’s safe transfers when teaching hot yoga and unheated yoga
23. Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Formatting
24. Practice teaching with Lead Elite instructors expert feedback
25. Dissection of asanas (poses)
26. Naked Truth Yoga Inc.’s Dynamic flow transfers
And Much, Much More!

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