Top 5 Buddhist Temples in Vancouver BC

Buddhist Temples in Vancouver BC

Buddhist temples are a defining feature in Vancouver BC. The temples serve a lot of local and overseas believers. The temples borrow significantly from Chinese architecture and offer much more than a worship experience. Even if you are not a Buddhist, you will still love the tranquil environment, food, and the spiritual events. As a yoga teacher training in Vancouver BC, you may want to take a local retreat to a Buddhist temple. Below is our top 5 selection for the best Buddhist temples in Vancouver BC.

1. Vancouver Buddhist Temple

This temple is situated in an area that was primarily inhabited by Japanese immigrants before World War II. Although many Japanese left during the war, their cultural impact remains today. The city is now more cosmopolitan than before. The Vancouver Buddhist Temple is at the heart of the community. The Powell Street Festival is one of the most memorable events coordinated by the Vancouver Buddhist Temple headquarters. The festival is held once a year. Anyone is welcome to the festival that celebrates Japanese culture and other cultures as well.


2. International Buddhist Society

A Cantonese-style complex, the International Buddhist Temple is a sight to behold. Located an hour’s drive from downtown Vancouver, the temple offers immense tranquility within the prayer halls and the garden. The tranquil environment and Chinese architecture are rare to experience anywhere in North America. This temple is, therefore, a great place to worship and take a break from the bustling urban scene of Vancouver.

Everything is free and self-guided, but you can donate the donation boxes. You will love the company of the male and female monks working in this temple. They are a friendly lot. Although you are not allowed to take photos in most places, this never dulls the experience.


3. Ling Yen Mountain Temple Canada

This beautiful temple is located in Richmond. Besides the appealing architectural display, the Ling Yen Mountain Temple Canada hosts a lot of religious events throughout the year. You will especially love it if you visit during Chinese festivals and holidays. There are plenty of parking spaces, and the staff is helpful and friendly. Other than the monks, volunteers are also available to help visitors know the place. Visit the Ling Yen Mountain Temple Canada, for an experience you will cherish for many years to come.


4. Thrangu Monastery

The Thrangu Monastery was officially opened in July 2010. It is the first Kagyu monastery in North America. It is located past the intersection of No. 5 Road and Blundell Road.
This monastery is a fantastic location to worship and relax. The monastery offers meditation classes and chanting services every weekend. The lamas sometimes give constructive dharma talks. At other times, you can attend big ceremonies and festivals that are incredibly uplifting.


5. Dharma Drum

The dharma drum meditation temple was founded by Master Sheng Yen. You can join meditation retreats, book clubs, Dharma clubs, great lectures and other Buddhist events. You can also participate in cooking and gardening activities. You will love the vegetarian food. The monks and the lay people are very friendly while the vegetarian diet is very enriching. Mandarin is the predominant language of communication, but translators are available.


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