The Best Isolated Spots for Yoga Near Vancouver


There are so many benefits one gains from practicing yoga. One of the most rewarding is that it helps us calm our minds. Instead of the constant and distracting chitter chatter, we find stillness and peace through the meditative quality of practicing the asanas (or the postures/poses).

If you want to heighten this peaceful state even more, try practicing yoga outdoors. And to take it to the an even more intense level, find an isolated spot and with a beautiful view of the abundant beauty our surroundings offer. Because if BC is anything, it’s beautiful.

You might be thinking that there aren’t any quiet spots left in the world. We disagree! Some of these might be a bit of a trek to get to, but well worth it to practice yoga in the isolated, rugged wilderness.

Here’s a list of the Best Isolated Spots for Yoga near Vancouver.

Desolation Sound

If it’s name doesn’t give it away, this gem on the northern point of the Sunshine Coast is stunning and isolated indeed. It’s also rugged and full of untouched nature. It’s the perfect place for a sun salutation.

Cape Scott

Located in the northwest region of Vancouver Island, only committed adventurers will make the 64km drive west from Port Hardy and then hike to this gorgeous, secluded locale.

Savary Island

Two ferry rides makes this incredible Gulf islands the perfect place for hippies who have turned away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s no electricity so you’ll be forced to unplug. Sounds like the perfect place for yoga!

Three Brothers Mountain

In the heart of EC Manning Provincial Park, this day hike has plenty of incredible places to stop and strike a twist or do some pranayama overlooking the beautiful landscape below.

Evans Peak

A little closer to Vancouver, Evans Peak is another hike you can do in a day. It’s in Golden Ears, just north of Maple Ridge, and the perfect getaway without being too far away. Hiking and yoga are great partners and any time you want to stop and stretch, you’ll be feeling it in your mind, body and soul.

Mount Galiano

Even though you need to take a ferry here, it’s so worth it. If you stick to the southern part of the island, you can walk on to the ferry (so much easier!) and plan for a sweet and secluded yoga and hiking adventure.

Telegraph Cove

Located on Vancouver Island’s northern tip, Telegraph Cove is truly made for those who love a rugged experience. If you can get here and get into your yoga practice, you’ll have it made.

Crown Mountain

You’ll recognize this iconic mountain that you can see from Vancouver. It’s north of Grouse Mountain and therefore hosts far fewer people than its southern neighbour. It can be a little intense so be prepared for some steep inclines and some scrambling. And remember to stop and take a yoga break when needed.

Mount Steele

In the wonderfully named Tetrahedron Provincial Park in the lower Sunshine Coast, this gorgeous hike has incredible views from the top. The trails are in great shape and it’s a perfectly secluded yoga destination.

We could go on, but the point is that this province has so much more to offer than the well-known trails and spots that people flock to. So much to do, so many places to yoga!

Happy travels!

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