From a guys perspective. It’s not hard to see how much work went into the development of this course. Don’t think there are a lot of people out there capable of creating such a journey for the human mind, body and soul. Not to mention the team of instructors that go above and beyond the call of duty to help you achieve success. Every time I felt myself starting to fail one of them would come to my rescue. An extremely challenging and life changing course. Learned a lot about myself. Highly recommend it.
– Rick Halliburn

Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Teacher Training helped me to recognize the limits that I was placing upon myself that were preventing me to push through a plateau, both in my fitness and my general well-being!! Marilyn, Samara, and the other trainers have perfected the perfect balance between high expectation and unconditional encouragement. The process that they have created allowed me to recognize that although I have worked hard to be physically fit and completed two master’s degrees, I have only really worked hard at the things in my life that I am already good at. Naked Truth Training provided an atmosphere that required me to be vulnerable enough to expose those areas of my life and practice that required significantly more attention and take a chance that I would fail before achieving success, scary but one of the most truly authentic growth experiences of my life!!!
– Kelly Ranford

In taking the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. teacher training I learned so much about myself that I could have never imagined. It is so much more than learning about yoga asanas and teaching, you also discover a remarkable amount about your mind, body and soul along the journey. Before taking the course I was nervous to talk in front of a group, and throughout this training not only did I become more comfortable speaking but my all around confidence also began to grow. I had been pushed both physically and mentally to be the best version of myself throughout the training. I am amazed within myself at how far I have come and the things I have accomplished. I can easily say that taking this training was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Thank you Naked Truth Yoga Inc. for changing my life for the better, and for your ongoing support and love!
– Love, Danica

Talking this course has been a life changing experience for me. It challenged me in so many ways and I appreciate every moment and opportunity, even those that pushed my limits. It is an incredibly well rounded and inclusive course, albeit highly intensive, it prepares an individual to teach immediately upon completion, regardless of the level of ability and confidence upon entry. The teachers and assistants are very knowledgeable and super supportive and encouraging. This course superseded my expectations in so many ways.

The first time I took Samara class at oxygen I wish I am strong enough someday to train with her…but I was doubting myself..for a long while until one week and half before class orientation I came on board and I am so shock that I am apart of long time fantasy because there is no other trainer in Utube (I am utube addict) could beat what Samara and Marilyn could create: the energetic movement that blow my mind in every single class..Here is creative intelligent and common sense fusing through every fibre of Naked Truth Yoga Inc…both of you are the modern day guru that set fire one the shore of Port Moody and entire tri-city to the lower mainland and spreading through to New west…way to go My double Goddess ..the world is your oyster now.
My hand at heart center


Yup Suachowpa

I can easily say that taking the teacher training saved my life, I was in a place where I was stuck and I didn’t know how I was going to get out of it. When I started my training I knew it was going to help me with my yoga and how to become a teacher but I didn’t realize how it was going to change every area of my life. I started to become stronger in my body and mind, I gained more confidence in myself and a whole other door of positivity flew wide open and with that combination it put me in a better place. One other thing that blew me away is how it’s healing my medical condition, never in the 11 years of having my blood disorder have I seen it be in a great stable place where it is now. Marilyn and Samara taught me so much more then just a yoga pose, they taught me how to be a better version of myself that I was trying to get to for so long and I’m so blessed to have had them as my teachers because they brought so much light in my life and that is something I will never forget.
Love, Brandy.

Before I started Naked Truth Teacher Training, I was struggling with mental and emotional burnout from years of working with clients in crisis. I was working through impact of secondary trauma, insomnia, anxiety and depression. The teacher training not only gave me a skill that can be used in any studio, in any country, it provided me with a way to connect my practise and emotions. To allow myself to”just be” was a relatively new concept, and has allowed me to share that with my students, deepened my understanding of “good” and “bad” relationships and progressed to a different mindset. On the professional side, the training is complete, providing students with a deep understanding of traditional yoga, as well as allowing for a modern approach that is unique and stands out from other programs. The athleticism and passion of Samara and Marilyn is infectious and encourages one to strive to reach the next level in practise, and, in teaching. The program provided me with ample learning opportunities and continued support, as well as creating new friendships that have had a wonderful impact on my life.

“Meeting Marilyn has changed my life. She is beyond amazing. She is able to understand your body and how to transform it. Over the years I have hired many personal trainers. None of them were able to help me like Marilyn has. Marilyn’s training can take you to a level of fitness you did not think was possible. Her classes are always different and she is always learning and sharing her knowledge. If I won the lottery the very first thing I would do, before anything else, is to hire Marilyn to be my full time trainer! I trust and admire Marilyn she is doing. She was born to do this and she is the best in the business!
Samara…. “I started talking classes with Samara about a year ago. Her classes are unlike any other fitness class you have ever taken. If you want results, and you want to be pushed to your peak and enjoy a challenge then a class or private training with Samara is what you need. My fitness level has improved specifically because of Samara’s teaching style. She has a unique way of pushing you to reach farther and go deeper. Her classes are never boring and I have never left feeling unfulfilled or that the workout was a waste. Samara’s sessions lead to results. Her classes or training will literally transform your body. She is critical of form and always reminding you with cues which are critical especially when you start getting tired. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her classes are always fun, unique and very challenging. In fact when I miss her class the day is just not as good!”


” I walked into the yoga studio on November 2011. I immediately fell in love the teaching styles of both Marilyn and Samara. Initially, I only had time for 1 class a week, but within months, I changed my schedule so I was able to go to classes daily. I have been taking fitness classes for many years and have only met a handful of truly good instructors, both Marilyn and Samara are on that list. They make their classes about their students, allowing each of us to experience a fabulous experience and never feel disappointed. Marilyn and Samara teach in a way that I am able to challenge myself in each class. Thank you for sharing your passion of yoga with me. “
-Connie Hol

I would like to write a few words to describe my journey with Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Teacher Training. I came to the training completely and totally afraid, full of self doubt and low self-esteem. I came because I fell in love with yoga in a treatment center where I was recovering from years of addiction and alcoholism. I live in a rural remote community outside of 100 mile house where yoga is obsolete, so I thought how wonderful it would be to bring yoga to my community. That being said I chose Naked Truth because of the testimonies I had read. I wanted what these people were describing. Well I got it and so much more. Never had I imagined that a 30 day program could have the affect on me it did. During the training I was broken wide open and shattered to smithereens exposing all of my deepest fears of failure then lovingly rebuilt from the ground up. My entire inner being emerged like a caterpillar finally receiving it’s wings. The support, knowledge, exquisite, intuitive guidance I recieved from the Naked Truth Instructors was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. They pushed me past my self made limitations through their unparalleled expertise. We became a family, I became strong mentally and physically. This training was the greatest desicion of my life next to getting clean and sober 4 years ago. I will never be the same and for that I am grateful. There is something magical that takes place in the training like a transformational miracle implodes upon you. Samara and Marilyn are absolute gifts to the yoga and fitness world and if it was up to me I’d do it again and again just to be in their presence. Namaste.
– In love and service, Karen

Right from the first email I sent, to the first day of class straight through to exam day… I have never been more proud and happy to be a part of such a fantastic group. The level of insight and years of experience shined through both Samara and Marilyn. You can’t help but grow and expand personally & spiritually! They are right there with you along with their team of past students who are all now elite instructors as well. Amazing how they all come together to make sure you have the confidence to be the best version of yourself. Truelly inspirational!! Their method now my method of safe transfers and fusions are both the core and backbone to my future not only practicing on my own mat but in how I will instruct and share my knowledge to future students. I got so much more than I expected from doing the Naked Truth 200ytt… best decision I’ve ever made to become a better version of myself. Forever grateful!
– Laura

I couldn’t imagine my life without Naked Truth Yoga Inc.! As a former gymnast and competitive cheerleader, it wasn’t until coming to Oxygen and experiencing Marilyn and Samara’s classes that I finally felt challenged and passionate about something again. After doing yoga for a year they encouraged me to take the training and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. The course is exciting and takes your practice to the next level, giving you confidence in all aspects in your life. Before taking my 200 hour training, I was terrified and nervous to speak in front of others, but Marilyn and Samara’s encouragement and my deep knowledge of yoga after taking the program gave me the confidence to teach to many students at a time. I still absolutely love taking their classes, as even though I am always soaked in my own sweat and sore at the end, I always leave smiling and at peace with myself. I now have an amazing job and am still always so thankful to still make it to their classes to continue learning! Thank you Marilyn and Samara! Love Afke.

I had considered taking the teacher training in my head, but I didn’t feel that I was “ready”. It wasn’t until some nudging from Samara and Marilyn that I actually decided to do it, and I am so glad I did! When I signed up for this, I had no idea it would change my life. I was already a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, so I’m not new to taking courses. But I’ve never taken one like this. I would take this training again even if I had never planned on teaching. It immensely improved my own practice, and it connected me to back to ME. Who I am deep down, not who I’ve trained myself to be. In a world where stress and chaos are everywhere, it helped me find that inner peace that helps make everything okay–actually, makes everything awesome. I made lifelong friends with the people in the course with me. We had so much fun throughout the process–despite long hours and evenings some days. It is one of the best times in my life, and I will always hold the memory of that time with a special smile whenever I think of it.
Caroline Harrison The Woman Behind The Brand: Caroline Fitness BCRPA Fitness Leader, Weight Trainer, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness and Yoga Instructor, Pre and Post Natal Fitness Consultant USANA Health Sciences Independent Associate

Where do I start? I can’t imagine my life without yoga. I am thankful every day for walking through the doors of Oxygen that first time on December 29, 2011. I remember the date because it was my birthday and my friend had given me a one week pass, with the condition that I had to come that day! Marilyn was teaching. She had such a peaceful encouraging way about her. The class was tough and calming at the same time. I peeled my soggy self off my mat at the end of the class. I felt like I floated home. I was hooked. I had been to other yoga studios way back when, but didn’t feel the connection I desired. With Marilyn and Samara it was immediate. I took my teacher training 6 months later. The program was a perfect balance of physical, emotional and spiritual. The external and internal education I received during my 200 hour certification has enhanced every part of my life. I would highly recommend anyone pondering the idea of taking the Naked Truth instructor training program to go for it!!
Nicolette, Yoga Instructor, Oxygen Yoga and Fitness Maple Ridge

“Marilyn and Samara have changed my life. I am a 31-year-old businesswoman and mother of three kids, all under age of 5. I walked into Marilyn’s studio in August 2011, unhappy with my overall fitness and body shape. I have always been an advocate of keeping fit and healthy, however after having 3 kids, thyroid issues and hormonal imbalances it became very difficult to trim down.
Marilyn is the best fitness trainer I have ever come across. It’s not just her passion and knowledge, it’s her ability to help me understand how to achieve the best results by working out with extreme focus and not just working out to burn calories.

Samara also holds the same ability Marilyn does. Samara will not let you give up, no matter how hard things get. The overall positive energy Samara brings in a class is extremely contagious. You have no choice but to succeed.

1 year later, I have dropped 16 pounds (* Results May Vary & Not Guaranteed) and am in the best shape in my life. I can confidently say it’s thanks to Marilyn and Samara. They have “reinvented” the concept of yoga and fitness and will teach you to become a fit, healthy, yogi!”

-Bal Uppal

“I joined Oxygen Yoga and Fitness in September 2011. Having done yoga a handful of times over the years and not really finding it to be my cup of tea, I didn’t have high hopes for how much I would enjoy this. Being an instructor myself, I am very picky about other instructors and as I explored the different classes, Samara and Marilyn stood out from the others. They had the knowledge, the teaching style and the bodies that made me want to know more about yoga and it became a challenge for me, and was exciting. To make a long story short, just over a year later I love yoga so much that aside from teaching it is the only workout I do. I haven’t stepped foot in a weight room probably since I started this. I have learned so much and enjoyed every second of my classes with Marilyn and Samara. They are fun, honest, beautiful and positive people who are very passionate about what they do and it shows. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to such a wonderful new experience.”
-Caroline: Owner, Caroline Fitness Health & Fitness Expert,

“When I first started going to yoga over a year ago, I was somebody that was not even able to touch my toes and I thought that it would be an impossible task to ever accomplish. Samara day in and day out never gave up on me, she was able to take one look at me and see where I needed to be and knew exactly how to get me there. I am where I am today because of Samara’s confidence in her work and in her ability to teach. Samara inspires me every day and for that I truly cherish her.”
“Marilyn has a energy about her that makes you try to be the best that you can possibly be. She is a amazing instructor with many years of diverse training behind her. When I first met her I remember feeling so lucky to experience somebody as well-rounded in her training. Samara and Marilyn both exceed my expectations of what a yoga trainer is and I am so thankful to them both for being apart of my yoga path.”

-Jenn Lockett