How to Survive Hot Yoga


Hot Yoga is a fun and challenging approach to the traditional practice of yoga which has quickly become popular throughout the Vancouver area. Despite the many benefits that are associated with hot yoga, it is important to keep in mind that it is not for everyone. Hot yoga is designed to expose your body to extreme conditions while also pushing you to stretch your limits. This, like any advanced workout, can be a painful experience sometimes, but if you can handle the challenge, hot yoga can feel very rewarding in the end. To help you get the best experience possible in a hot yoga class, here are a few tips you can try for your next session.


This one may seem like a no-brainer, especially to the more experienced yogis out there. Despite how obvious it may seem, it is always important to remember to come to class adequately hydrated, and not just to bring water to the class. Most people remember to have water with them in class, but often neglect getting themselves fully hydrated before hand. This can quickly lead to dehydration, and in some cases can cause you to vomit or faint. Always be sure to drink water before and during a hot yoga class.

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Proper Attire

Having the right clothes in your hot yoga class can make all the difference when it comes to how comfortable you are going to feel during your session. It is recommended that you avoid wearing any fabrics that absorb sweat such as cotton, since this material will quickly stick to your skin and feel heavy and uncomfortable. The best clothes to wear to a hot yoga class are shorts or capris with a tank top or sports bra made out of sweat wicking material.

Stand by the Door

This is a good tip for beginners who are still learning to handle the extreme conditions of a hot yoga class. Standing by the door allows you to make a quick exit should you feel the need to during class. This will also give you the periodic breath of cool air every time someone opens the door, which can really boost your stamina later in the session.

Bring Extra Towels

In hot yoga you sweat a whole lot, which is why having an extra towel around to wipe up any excess sweat is always a good idea. This will keep you relatively dry and comfortable during your session. You might also want to have a towel to lay out on top of your mat during the session, to avoid slipping during your poses. Finally, it is best to keep a separate towel to use if you are planning to shower at the studio.

By using these few tips, you will be helping yourself get the most out of any hot yoga session, and will quickly find that many of the challenges you face during a session are well worth the payoff in the end. For more information about hot yoga classes or other yoga related topics, learn more about our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to receive our latest updates.