Rosaline Madhavan

Rosaline Madhavan has completed her medical degree and plans to pursue a career in family medicine.

Rosaline began her educational career at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops BC, completing her Bachelors of Science degree, she shifted her attention to medicine. Rosaline was accepted into the Saint James School of Medicine in Bonaire, NA, and following that, her clinical education in Chicago IL.

In addition to attending medical school, Rosaline has participated in several fitness programs in her community and has earned multiple certificates. Rosaline also helped in the creation of an organization geared to promote healthy living, fitness and physical and mental support in the community of Kamloops during university.

Rosalines’ certificates include: Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Elite Teacher Training, Sports Yoga Certificate through National Exercise & Sport Training Association (NESTA), Open Water Diving (PADI), Athletic Taping through Sport Med BC, Endurance Sport Medicine course certificate through the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine and Rosaline is the creator and facilitator of Biofunctional Anatomy and Physiology, which is a mandatory component for completion of the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. training program.

Rosalines’ memberships include: Member of the American Associations of Family Physicians, Northland Regional Chapter American College of Sports Medicine, American Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and the Canadian Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine and FitBodies Inc.

Rosaline has experience in teaching yoga for a variety of levels and specialized yoga for athletes. This includes sport specific programs for mixed martial artists (ie. kick boxers, Muay Thai and Brazilian jujitsu practitioners), lacrosse teams, hockey teams, and football players. Along with teaching adults she has vast experience in teaching kids yoga and youth.

Rosaline is involved with volunteer work through Big Sisters for Big Yoga and teaching employees of SportChek as part of their health and wellness program.

Throughout her many years of study, Rosaline has always remained committed to training the mind, body and soul. Her passion for medicine and healthy living has led to her many accomplishments thus far and she plans to continue her work in the community through fitness, wellness programs and research.