Outdoor Yoga in Vancouver: Best Places in The City

Places in Vancouver for an Outdoor Yoga

If you are like us and dreaming of warm summer days, we have to remind ourselves that all we can do is be patient and wait out the rain. Of course, there’s nothing like summer in Vancouver. And outdoor yoga in Vancouver is a great way to take advantage of the beautiful city. Plus there are always hundreds of yogis out and about who would love to stumble upon a class. Vancouver has plenty of places to practice outdoors. Here are our favourite places in Vancouver for an outdoor yoga.

Kits Beach

This one’s a no-brainer. In fact Kitsilano and Yoga are practically synonymous and it’s definitely one of the best places for outdoor yoga in Vancouver. Kits beach is the perfect place for an outdoor yoga class — there are a few large grassy areas that are great if you don’t have a mat. Yoga on the sand can be fun, too, just be careful with inversions so you don’t accidentally get a mouthful of sand.

David Lam Park

If you’re on the other side of the water, David Lam Park is easily accessible for anyone biking along the seawall. There are always people here doing fun things and enjoying the sun so expect to attract a crowd.

Wreck Beach

If you’re ready to bare it all and get extra personal, Wreck is the perfect place to get stretchy. The vibe is right and there are plenty of yogis enjoying the sun, surf and sand. Since it’s a clothing optional locale, you may have to adjust your lesson plan accordingly!

Queen Elizabeth Park

This is such a beautiful oasis in the city and there are plenty of well-kept grassy areas that are ideal for a yoga class. If you’re extra ambitious, it’s also an amazing place to catch the sunrise. Early morning sunrise yoga, doing upward facing dog with the singing birds? There’s probably no better way on earth to start the day.

Trout Lake Park

For the east siders, Trout Lake is fun and vibrant and again, plenty of yogis live in the area. You’ll be sure to snag some passersby at this lovely man-made lake off Commercial Drive. There are often groups juggling, hula-hooping, fire twirling, slack-lining and chilling with their dogs on the lovely piers so a yoga class won’t be out of the ordinary.

New Brighton Park

For those living even further east, New Brighton Park is an often forgotten locale. But it’s such a lovely spot, juxtaposing the natural with the industrial. And it has just undergone renovations, making it even more beautiful. While it might seem a little out of the way, that can be good for privacy if that’s what you’re looking for.

Dude Chilling Park

For those Main Street dwellers, Dude Chilling Park gets a default mention mostly because of its name. But it’s actually a very sweet park with a large grassy space that’s wonderful for practicing on. There’s lots of great restaurants, breweries and coffee shops in the area so you can go for a group hang afterwards.

Stanley Park

One of the biggest city parks in North America, Stanley Park gets on the list because how could we not? Best accessed by bike (who wants to deal with parking?), find a spot near the totem poles or cycle around until you find somewhere you like. There are no shortage of places to set up a class. As a bonus, you can stop off at Third Beach on the way home and go for a cool down dip.

We could go on and on. Vancouver truly has some gems that are perfect for outdoor yoga classes. Whether you want to lead a planned class or set up something spontaneous, there is no shortage of places for outdoor yoga in Vancouver to choose from.

Now… if only this rain would stop…

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