Marilyn Patricia

Marilyn comes from an extensive background in fitness training spanning over 20 years. She spent many years training as a gymnast along with martial arts, dance and personal fitness. With this diverse background she has worked in the fitness industry at various facilities.

She has been accredited in yoga, group fitness, indoor cycling. Marilyn underwent a surgery which introduced her to yoga as a rehabilitation which then furthered her career by owning a yoga studio, shortly after she met Samara and together they emerged their knowledge and passion in creating Naked Truth Yoga Inc..

The concept came through the symbiosis of two individuals with very different yet similar backgrounds, life experience, strong interpersonal skills and most of all passion for the respect for the body of todays human.

Marilyn’s teaching technique is unequivocal and those who have had the opportunity to train with her would say the same. Her knowledge on training and experience make her the elite instructor she is today.

Marilyn has taken the opportunity to work outside of North America and now primarily resides in Turks & Caicos which her training has furthered another certification through Exhale Barre Certification. With this opportunity she is training people in a variety of classes (boot camp, barre, cycling, yoga, and personal training).

On her off time she enjoys kite boarding, relaxing on the beach, boating, fishing and life to its fullest with friends and family.

Her passion will always remain training those to the best of her knowledge while continuing to educate herself and ensuring safe, enjoyable, effective classes. Marilyn’s presence is one that is unforgettable and her graciousness, honesty, and expertise allow her to produce the best product a training course has to offer.