HOW TO: Start A Yoga Business

You’ve just completed your yoga teacher training Vancouver program, or are looking to get back into teaching after a hiatus. But where do you begin? Sometimes, despite the hard work it takes to get certified, starting out as a new instructor can seem like the most intimidating part of your journey as a yoga instructor. We’ve collected some of the best advice from past and present instructors on how to best start your new career — follow these tips, and you’ll be filling your own classes with yogis in no time!

Research, Research and More Research

Are you looking for a yoga centre to call home, or is it your secret wish to own your own studio? No matter what your ultimate goal is, you’ll want to research your competition. Talk to other instructors who have established themselves, and visit studios you’ve never been to before to learn the ins and outs of yoga business in your city. Learn about pricing, equipment, class times, and styles.

Knowing your competitors will help you see how your own yoga-teaching talents will stand out, giving you a unique edge when applying for positions.

Be Equipped and Business-Ready

When other peoples’ bodies are in the picture, it’s a good idea to get insurance for your practice. Talk to our teacher training experts or your current training program to get insurance information and ask about any other licensing or business-related items you’ll need. Taking these steps will help you expand your base, and let people know you’re a serious teacher.

If you’re aiming to be an owner, start brainstorming an attention-grabbing name for your brand! It’s recommended that you hire an expert to help with creating a personalized business plan, too. Getting approval of your business plan from investors and the government can be tricky, so get started on this as soon as you possibly can and consider getting legal advice about the process.

Go Beyond the Classifieds

Aspiring instructors shouldn’t rely on job ads only. A personal impression is priceless. Printing business cards and handing them out will help other yogis remember your name!

But before you rush out the door, you should get your resume and interview skills polished at a local job search office if you’re feeling a little bit rusty. These centres will often help you free of charge. The business is always changing, and you’d be surprised how much a refresher course in job-hunting can help.

If you’re seeking a studio space to rent, compliment your search with walks around your favourite neighbourhoods. Find the places that others miss. Finding a location with fewer and busier studios is your best bet.

Self-Promotion and Online Social Media

Every extra measure counts! Social media can increase your visibility and welcome you into a thriving online community of yogis, teachers, educators, and enthusiasts.

Setting up a Facebook page, Twitter feed and LinkedIn account is expected in our fast-paced online age. Take advantage of this chance to advertise, meet potential employers, employees, or even business partners. Creating a website can also do wonders for your image. Without at least some of these, you’ll lose out on valuable exposure and presence in the community.

Yoga-lovers know best about the rewards of self-care. The same applies to searching for a job in the yoga industry. Make it a personal goal to cover all of your bases, and the world will be at your feet. The experts at Naked Truth Yoga Inc. are a great resource for more truths and tips on this exciting adventure, so please reach out to us for more information!