How to Prepare For Yoga Teacher Training ?

becoming yoga teacher need to consistently practice

There is a famous saying: Success is where preparation and opportunity meet. And while we can’t always control or predict when opportunity will come knocking, we can do our part to prepare for that moment.


If you have decided to embark on your yoga teacher training in Vancouver or elsewhere, it’s a good idea to increase your chance of success by preparing ahead of time. Then, when a studio calls you to see if you want to come to teach, you will be ready to shoot for the moon!


We’ve come up with a list of simple things you can do to prepare you ahead of your yoga teacher training.

6 Tips For Preparing Yoga Teacher Training

1. Practice

Even though you are preparing to become a teacher, one of the best things you can do is to remain teachable by continuing your practice. Seek out new studios, go to an array of classes, try new styles. With each class, you will learn something new and deepen your own understanding of yoga, which will make you both a good student and an effective teacher.


2. Research

Finding the right yoga teacher training in Vancouver or anywhere else in the world requires some research. You will have specific requirements for your unique situation — where you want to go, if there are certain teachers from whom you want to learn — so it’s time to start digging around to see what fits. From there, you can contact the school and have a chat, ask if they can refer some past students you can talk to, read reviews, and, of course, follow your instinct.


3. Save Up

Depending on your financial situation going in, you may need to save some money and prepare to take time off work. It’s always nice to have a financial plan ahead of time so that you are not stressed about or distracted by money during the course. You can always see if there are payment plans available or choose a yoga teacher training program that allows you to work at the same time.


4. Meditate

Deep and reliable meditation practice will carry you wherever you go, and it will help you remain present, teachable, and attentive. Maybe this yoga teacher training is the first time you’ve been in a formal learning environment in a while — meditation will also help calm the jitters and put you at ease.


5. Get Healthy

Preparing for yoga teacher training should include ensuring your body and mind are in optimal health — it is a consuming process that requires a lot of energy. So, in preparation, eat well, cut back on things like alcohol and junk food, get plenty of rest, and drink plenty of water.


6. Reflect on Your Purpose

People take yoga teacher training for different reasons, from launching a new career to deepen a practice or achieve a lifelong goal. Knowing exactly why you want to do the training, or at least reflecting on the possibilities will give you a great foundation from which to enter the classroom.


Yoga teacher training is an exciting venture that will change your life in one way or another. Preparing for the experience will only make it more fulfilling! Please contact Naked Truth Yoga if you have any questions about becoming a yoga teacher or yoga teacher training program in Vancouver.