How To Get Ready for Yoga Teacher Training


If you’ve taken the exciting step of committing to yoga teacher training, there’s a good chance you‘ve got a few mixed emotions rolling around inside of you. While it’s exciting to imagine where this new path will take you, it can also be intimidating and a little scary to think about all the hard work it will take and the changes you will likely go through.

But if you’ve decided that becoming a yoga teacher is something you want in your life, you are probably used to the concept of change and growth. But there are certain things you can do to give yourself an edge and to make this exciting experience the best it can be.

In our Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program, we’ve seen many people go through yoga teacher training. So we’ve decided to come up with a list of advice and ideas that will help you get ready for this exciting experience.


Yoga teacher training programs are generally quite intense, and not just physically. There are normally several hours of practice each day you’re in “class”, but there is also a large learning and studying component as well. This means that you will be reading, memorizing, reciting, and putting into practice the many things you’ve been learning. Remember, yoga is traditionally taught in the ancient language called Sanskrit and you will likely be asked to learn some new vocabulary. All of this taken together can be quite taxing on the body and mind so it’s a good idea to have a grasp on what you will be learning beforehand and begin to prepare ahead of time by ensuring that your practice is strong and that you are mentally focused.

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Make Connections

Yoga is about community, and when it comes to teacher training and given the intensity of the experience, you will likely form bonds with those in your program. It’s a good idea to start early — find teachers in Vancouver that you connect with, trust and respect and ask for advice; seek out other yogis who have gone through the program; build friendships with people who can help just in case the road gets rocky. You will see that the more you ask for help, the more you will learn and the stronger you will become.

Practice Awareness

Awareness is crucial when it comes to yoga, and whether you like it or not, your awareness will expand the deeper you go into your practice and training. That might sound abstract but with heightened awareness, you will be able to navigate the ups and downs of your teacher training experience and will be able to remain level headed and stable, even if times get tough.

Get Ready for Change

When you embark on a yoga teacher training program, there’s a good chance you are ready to make some changes in your life, whether it’s your career path or to advance on your spiritual journey. What you might not be exactly ready for is how many changes you will go through and to what extent. Not only will you deepen your knowledge and understanding of yoga and its history, you will deepen your understanding of yourself. You will come to see yourself and others in a new light and, inevitably, you will change — you will get stronger physically, of course, but mentally as well. You will come out the other end of the experience with a new perspective and outlook and it’s a good idea to understand and prepare for that before you go in.

Whatever your goals are with yoga teacher training, it is sure to be a thrilling experience. We encourage you to take some time to prepare in advance so that you can reap all the benefits from it and become the best yoga teacher you can be. Remember, the world needs more people like you!