How Much Does Yoga Teacher Training Cost In Vancouver?


Everyone has a different reason for wanting to enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training course. Some wish to deepen their practice, some wish to teach family, friends or their local community, and some aspire to travel the world offering workshops in tropical locations.

We Are Often Asked: How Much Does Vancouver Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

While it’s almost taboo to talk about yoga and money in the same breath, it’s certainly a reality of life. So let’s discuss what Yoga Teacher Training options there are and how they differ in cost.

The short answer to the question is… it depends. There are several factors that come into play, including type of school and location. So let’s get down to details.

There are two ways you can do yoga teacher training: in person or online. (Side note: I bet yogis of the distant past would be utterly astounded to learn that yoga teacher training exists in the digital world.) Each have their pros and cons.

Online Yoga Teacher Training

When it comes to cost, online yoga teacher training programs tend to be more cost effective. If money is your top concern, this might be the right fit for you. Online courses have come a long way. Technology allows online training programs to be very immersive with real time group chats, lessons, and interactive modules. However, you do miss out on the experience of connecting in person with other yogis in the same situation as you, and you’ll miss out on hands on learning from an instructor.

Traditional Yoga Teacher Training

In person yoga teacher training remains the most popular option (for the time being). If this is what you decide, you’ll find that you can take a course almost anywhere in the world. Other considerations include whether you’ll stay in your home town or city, or if you will travel somewhere to embark on this journey. Again, prices will vary depending on what you want.

If you live in a small or remote location, yoga teacher training options might be limited, so you may have to travel no matter what. If you go to the nearest city, you can reduce costs by staying with a friend or connecting ahead of time with another student and sharing a short-term rental.

Many people decide to combine their yoga teacher training with travel. Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, India, NYC, the options are endless. One of the major extra expenses you will have to factor in is the flight cost. However, many destination yoga teacher training programs will offer accommodations and food in the overall tuition. If you are serious about reducing expenses but still want to travel, you can find your own accommodations nearby and shop locally for your own food and cook your own meals.

What Are Your Yoga Teacher Goals?

Finally, some people are inspired by a specific teacher whose career they’ve followed. It is that student’s goal to be taught by someone well-known in the yoga world. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but it will almost certainly increase costs to the furthest end of the spectrum. Generally speaking, people who have a wide-reaching reputation tend to charge the most for their time.

In the end, it’s important to do plenty of research and come up with a list of what your top priorities are. Once you begin to narrow down a shortlist, reach out to other former students to hear what their experience was. Finally, trust your instincts and enjoy every second of it.

Best of luck on the journey ahead!