Haley Cridland

Haley was born on May 11th, 1993 into a family of 7. With older siblings always teaching her new things she developed a love for sports and physical activity. Starting at a very young age, Haley starting to play soccer, lacrosse and take different disciplines of dance. Over the years her passion steered her more towards Acrobatics where she also student taught with her older sister at the age of 11.

After Haley graduated from MRSS in 2011, not really knowing what to do yet she decided to take her passion for exercise to the next level She completed her 200 Naked Truth Yoga course at the end of February 2013. She had been doing different types of yoga for 5 years previous and with becoming a teacher it had given her practice a whole new meaning. Her inherent enthusiasm and previous experience teaching acrobatics led Haley to be in high demand. Since March 2013, she has been a full time Yoga Instructor teaching all over the Lower Mainland. Along the journey she hit a few challenges in the road, allowing the opportunity to attend an amazing Attitudinal healing/recovery centre in Costa Rica called Choose Again. Now the possibilities had really become endless! Haley, found a whole new meaning to the words mind, body, and soul.

“I love that I have found my passion. I love how the energy that is created within oneself is contagiously radiated to others. I love that everyday I am able to help another in a time of need.” “Creating a Life filled with love, and healing the mind body and soul, taking my past pain and suffering and turning it into a power.” “ A power of choice and change”.

-Haley Cridland