Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is certified as a legal administrator through the University of the Fraser Valley, certified Yoga instructor and Barred and Banned training through Naked Truth Yoga Inc. and she has extensive training in dance, which collectively has led to her career as a yoga instructor and training assistant to Naked Truth Yoga Inc..

Courtney has successfully completed her ballet examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance, followed by two years of independent study at The Ailey School in New York, NY. She has greater than 20 years of experience in the art of dance and choreography.

Her movement into yoga teacher training began shortly after she attended her first yoga class. She found that the integration of movement and breath work during yoga was closely linked to dance but there was something different in yoga.

Through her teacher training journey she found similarities where creativity and emotional expression were evident. The connection of the mind and body along with self-awareness through yoga is why Courtney decided she wanted to deepen her understanding by dedicated daily practice, which brings her to where she is today.

Courtney has spent time volunteering for a variety of causes including; the Red Cross for Tsunami relief, adjudicator writer for Rising Star Dance competition and her time to assistant teach and choreograph for multiple institutions.

She has vast experience in teaching all formats of yoga and fitness classes to all ages and levels. She currently is teaching yoga and dance at various locations along with management, social media and quality control for various yoga studios.

Courtney’s love for what she does reflects her honesty, compassion, kindness and creativity making her a vital part of the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. team.