Brandy Ripolo

Brandy Ripolo completed her secondary schooling at Tempelton in Vancouver, BC. Once graduated she worked in the food industry and janitorial work and quickly decided she was not satisfied with this so she created a list of things she wanted to try for 30 days and if she didn’t like it she was moving on. Yoga was the first on her list and from there she never looked back.

Brandy was diagnosed with a blood disorder called ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia) in 2003. This condition causes her to bruise and bleed easier then others due to the low level of platelets in the body. During the next 11 years Brandy spent time in and out of the hospital trying to find stability in her health condition.

After completing the Naked Truth Training course, she began teaching in the infrared and began seeing a positive change in her health. Since then her platelet levels continued to increase and now they are virtually normal.

Her experience with a condition that can limit energy did not stop her. She was inspired to get well and thrive in her new career. Brandy also has a background in dance and brings this creativity to her classes as well.

Brandy has experience teaching yoga and fitness to a wide variety of clients. She teaches in and out of the heat to all ages and levels (EA sports) and while not teaching she enjoys reading, fencing and knitting.
Currently Brandy teaches yoga full time at multiple yoga locations and assists with teacher trainings. She participates in volunteer work with Make a Wish Foundation and she will be repelling down a building to raise funds for this foundation in the summer.

Brandy’s perseverance and passion for life has made her the strong, thoughtful, sincere, risk taking individual she is today and we are thrilled to have such an amazing women part of our Naked Truth Yoga Inc. team.