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Become a Box Fuse instructor with Naked Truth Yoga Inc.

Naked Truth Yoga Inc.® is the first and only yoga college covering Safe Transfers© in the heat. Students will be certified to teach both in and out of a heated environment with all the tools to facilitate a safe, fun and effective Box Fuse Method class. The NakedTruth Yoga Inc.® Method will enable you to teach Box Fuse safely with special focus on alignment and functional movement, along with the trainings of boxing, yoga and Fuse© foundations in any yoga studio worldwide, allowing you to pursue your passion and make a professional career. We will dive into effective teaching methods, designed to give you the tools to provide an intense and conscious class. This is not just a course; it is a training where each student will be supported, challenged, engaged and respected.

In our one-of-a-kind Box Fuse Method Training, you will learn a methodology which is rooted in the highest level of boxing, fuse, education, and skill set, giving you an indepth understanding of boxing, alignment, and Fuse Methodology. We at Naked Truth Yoga Inc.® believe that continuing education is a mandatory component of success, thus we encourage all graduates to return to future trainings, free of charge, to stay current in methods and practice.

How it Works

Our Box Fuse Method Training will be delivered via Thinkific, an online platform which will include all training lessons, information, and links to Zoom meetings. The training will be presented in two modules; these modules will include reading materials and short videos. You will have one week to complete each module and at the end of the week, we will host 4 hour long Zoom meetings. For our virtual training, we understand that everyone learns differently. We are using a multimedia approach that includes written, video, lectures, assignments, quizzes, live practice time with the Lead training team, and more.

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ZOOM Training Dates

November 23rd, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

November 28th, 2020 9:00am-1:00pm PST

December 5th, 2020 9:00am-1:00pm PST

Plus one additional session (optional)

December 6th, 2020 9:00am- 11:00 am PST

The course is currently being offered at 40% off the regular price!

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We are well known for our highquality intense training, producing instructors that are ready to instantly access the career of a yoga & fuse instructor. In fact, our trainees are highly sought after, with the highest success rate in the business for job placement.

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