Yoga Barred & Banned Fuse Method Training

Welcome to Naked Truth Yoga’s Barred and Banned Fuse Method™.

 Barre Fitness trainings are offered in different variations all over the globe. Most are based around basic principles of ballet with a choreographed routine to follow, Naked Truth Yoga’s Barred and Banned Fitness Method is for already certified yoga instructors, Pilates instructors, and group fitness instructors who would like to expand their teachings into the Barre world without the limitations of a choreographed routine.

 At Naked Truth Yoga™ we will give you the confidence and tools to create and sequence your own Barred and Banned Fitness Method classes based on a format to follow, leaving the creativity of your classes and exercises to you. Ballet has never been considered as a sport but more an art, It is an art of fluidity of motion and structure, strength and softness, principals and creativity. You are not going to be a dancer in a choreographed dance, you are going to be the creator and choreographer of your own class. 

We are going to focus on what the goals of the participants are wanting to achieve in a Barre class which is a “dancers body”. A dancer’s body has been trained from a young age with posture and discipline, it is the basis of learning how to connect and engage with your body and muscles while gaining flexibility in your connective tissues. In saying that, you will learn and teach proper posture and technique of a dancer while adding the strength and conditioning of a Pilates yoga and fitness class. 

The props used in a Barred and Banned fitness method class will be: The ballet barre, a body bar, resistance bands and Pilates balls with the option of hand weights and blocks. We will learn and explore proper positioning of your feet and arms along with proper posture, use of props, terminology, exercises to use in your classes, history of ballet, learning how to safely and effectively sequence your class, modifications, common mistakes, the format of your class, projection of your voice and much more. 

When instructing in different faces of the yoga and fitness industry you must first understand the principals of the type of class structure you are teaching so you can effectively provide the students with a well-balanced class which will safely provide them with the results and expectations they deserve. Being fitness professionals it is our duty and privilege to work with so many human bodies to make their bodies healthier, stronger and free from injury. It is also a large responsibility we take on so knowledge of proper alignment and safe transfers must be taken seriously by all instructors. 

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