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Meet The Naked Truth Yoga Inc. Teacher Training Instructors

About Our Instructors

Samara (Founder/CEO)

Samara comes from an intensive background in dance and dance instruction. For many years, she refined her craft in the fluidity of motion, which is what helped to build her into a dynamic and acclaimed yoga and fitness instructor. She has been trained by some of the world’s most sought after yoga influences; and her enthusiasm, along with devotion to yoga and fitness, has helped her make her passion her full-time career. Samara brings a vast and enormous amount of yoga experience to every aspect of her yoga teacher training Vancouver courses.


Marilyn Patricia (Founder/CEO)

Marilyn has always been active in the fitness industry throughout her career as a gymnast. She also has an extensive background in martial arts training, dance and personal fitness. Along this journey, Marilyn has obtained several accreditations including indoor cycling and pilates certifications. This has inspired a unique and fulfilling career which allows her to be devoted and focused on her very own variety of yoga, all the while staying true to her own dynamic style. More Recently for the past two years Marilyn and Samara have been offering Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver courses to students in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland; helping to  prepare their students to enriching and successful careers in Yoga.

Dr. Rosaline (Bio Functional Anatomy Instructor) 

Rosaline Madhavan has completed her medical degree and plans to pursue a career in family medicine with a specialty in sports medicine/rehabilitation medicine in addition to yoga and fitness.

Throughout her many years of study, Rosaline has always remained committed to training the mind, body and soul. Her passion for medicine and healthy living has led to her many accomplishments thus far and she plans to continue her work in the community through fitness, wellness programs and research. Currently she is running a research study assessing the benefits of infrared yoga and pain reduction.


Courtney Johnson is certified as a legal administrator through the University of the Fraser Valley, certified Yoga instructor and Barred and Banned training through Naked Truth Yoga Inc. and she has extensive training in dance, which collectively has led to her career as a yoga instructor and training assistant to Naked Truth Yoga Inc..

Courtney’s love for what she does reflects her honesty, compassion, kindness and creativity making her a vital part of the Naked Truth Yoga Inc. team.


Brandy Ripolo completed her secondary schooling at Tempelton in Vancouver, BC. Once graduated she worked in the food industry and janitorial work and quickly decided she was not satisfied with this so she created a list of things she wanted to try for 30 days and if she didn’t like it she was moving on. Yoga was the first on her list and from there she never looked back.